Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship Breakfast

Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship

This morning I attended a breakfast at a conference for the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship. Immediately, I was engrossed at all the people at breakfast because it started very early in the morning. After making my way towards the food table, I sat down and took in the scenery. My eyes eventually made their way to the front of the room. I noticed three speakers sitting in the center and one of to the side. Alice Julie, Josephine Casinos and Jennifer Flanagan introduced themselves and begin discussing the importance of food service.
First to speak was Josephine Casinos and she began discussing the prominence of her product, Liquor de Leche and how it originated in Argentina. A few years later, she was ecstatic that her product was finally gaining steam in western Pennsylvania. Just recently, Whole Foods informed her that her product would be on the shelves of the store. I felt both the passion and excitement as Josephine spoke about her product being sold at Whole Foods.
Next to speak was Alice Jollier. She began by speaking about some of her main interests, work, equality and women’s health. She included all of these topics when she began focusing on food. She did a lot of writing about food instead of atypical social dilemmas, which did not sit well with too many critics, predominantly men. I could also feel the passion as she talked about her love for healthy food and how she wanted to help the poor have access to healthy food choices.
Last to speak was Jennifer Flanagan. She began discussing the Springboard Kitchen program. This program not only allows people with disabilities or who are newly released from jail to learn to work as chefs but it creates a lifetime partnership with the food bank. Her passion about helping people have a constant food supply was overwhelming. I wanted to learn more about what I can do to help the underprivileged have a constant food source.
Sustainability was another very important concept that was discussed at this breakfast. It was the driving force for all three of these women to help create the Springboard Kitchen and it is still in progress. I also learned an interesting fact while each woman discusses sustainability. I learned that the only way to achieve sustainability is through development.
Ultimately I enjoyed attending this breakfast, even though it was so early in the morning. I enjoyed all three speakers and their views on sustainability, food and healthy lifestyles. I hope they will attend more Chatham events in the future because I would be interested to here more about their relationship with the food bank and the Springboard Kitchen.

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