La Dorita and Sustainability

La Dorita and Sustainability
By Lauren Plummer

La Dorita supports Wilson Farms, a local farm in PA.

La Dorita supports Wilson Family Farms, a local farm in western PA.

On May 10, 2013, Chatham University hosted a Women Business Leaders Breakfast Series featuring Josephine Oria, CEO of La Dorita, LLC. The information about Josephine’s company was extremely fascinating to me, and I particularly enjoyed the aspect that all of the products are homemade and made with locally grown products.

Emphasizing the importance of sustainability and supporting local farmers, Josephine explained how her products, such as Dulce De Leche, which is a homemade milk spread, are made with products that come from local farms. All milk comes from Pennsylvania farmers, and it is La Dorita’s goal to support local businesses. Josephine said that purchasing milk directly from a farm is not as easy as one would think and it is definitely a more expensive process, but it is worth the effort. La Dorita’s specialty liqueur is made from potatoes that are grown in Pennsylvania, and even the jars that the products come in are bought locally. These efforts help La Dorita remain a sustainable company.

La Dorita supports the Wilson Family farms located in rural western Pennsylvania, Deans Farms, a dairy farm in New Castle PA, and Caminos Ganadera, a privately owned, for profit company that is owned by Josephine’s parents. La Dorita’s products are sold in Giant Eagle Market Districts, McGinnis Sisters, and now Whole Foods Market.

The most influential statement that I took away from Josephine’s speech was that people might tell you that you will not succeed, but you need to be persistent and believe in yourself. Josephine was very interesting to listen to and I hope to soon try her innovative and sustainable products!

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