Ebola Virus Returns In Guinea

DOCTORS ABOUT TO GO SEE A PATIENT   Hemorrhagic fever Ebola is one of the most serious viral diseases known to man with a fatality rate that can reach 90%. An outbreak of hemorrhagic fever caused by Ebola virus occurs mainly in Africa. The Ebola virus is transmitted to humans from wild animals and then spreads in populations by human to human transmission: direct contact with blood, body fluids or tissues of infected animals and subjects. There is no treatment or vaccine and support is generally based on symptomatic treatment. The Ebola virus, which emerged in Guinea in January, continues to grow in this country where it is reported a total of 111 suspected cases including 70 deaths, according to a report released Friday by the Guinean Ministry of Health. Eight cases of hemorrhagic fever, including one death, were recorded and the last two days in Conakry, the Guinean capital. The vast majority of cases were reported in the cities and regions of southern Guinea, considered the center of the epidemic. Senegal has decided to close until further notice its border with Guinea, to guard against the Ebola fever raging in the neighboring country. ” Minister of Interior informs the public that due to the Ebola fever raging in the Republic of Guinea and in the context of prevention, the boundaries of the regions of Kolda (south) and Kédougou (southeast) with neighbor countries closed until further notice , “said an official statement received from the APS .

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