Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium

Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium: A place for kids to grow and learn.

Children need to learn about exotic animals and the different environments they all live in.

blog 1

Tigers play as everyone laughs and enjoys while learning

 that they mostly live throughout Asia. The children can place their

Key card into the box to learn even more about the tigers.

blog 2

Children can get as close as they’d like to experience and interact with the Red Panda. They learn that Red Pandas enjoy cooler temperatures and bamboo forests.

blog 3

Animals enjoy watching visitors as they pass by. Children can see they enjoy a lot of land and bright green grass to roam free.

blog 4

Children can learn that elephants use their trunks to gather water and spray it on themselves. They also learn their ears flap in order to cool themselves off.

blog 5

Giraffes use their long necks to reach the leaves off of trees in order to eat. If we cut all the trees down where will they get there food?

blog 6

Children get to experience our close relatives the Gorillas. They will learn how human like they are as they play together and even pose for pictures!

blog 7

Walking through the aquarium children see illuminating jelly fish along with a description of them right next to the tank.

blog 8

Children can see how much fun the penguins all have together. They learn that they can either be on the land or swim in the water. Children also learn that most penguins enjoy a colder environment.

blog 9

Children have the opportunity to crawl through a see through tank to experience the stingrays from all angles. If they are brave enough they can even touch them!


Allow your children to experience these beautiful animals up close and see what they can do to help keep them off the endangered list and in the environments they enjoy.

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